Friday, May 7, 2021

    Top 10 Symptoms to Quit your Job

    Symptoms to Quit your Job – People Don’t understand how it truly works, to find the roles they love, be well treated and respected and achieve great compensation for our work and thrive in it.

    So as per my research with my colleagues and professionals reveals that there are many signs that tells us to quit the Job. Sadly many of us get stuck in complete denial about these signs and will not take any proactive Measures, until crisis hits and forces us to consider a new Job.

    Are you thinking about quitting, but not sure you’re doing it for the right reason? Be very sure that you want to quit. So here are the Top 10 Symptoms to Quit your Job

    1. The Company is not Doing Well

    As per Stats, 70% of small businesses fail by their 10th year.

    2. When you are Smarter than your boss

    If you are not trusting your Boss Leadership, you’ll be constantly stressed.

    3.Stuck with a Bad Boss

    If a bad Boos is liked by those above them they can wreak havoc on your career.

    4. Dreading Work

    If even thinking about work fills you with Fear, it may be the best time to quit the job,

    5. Losing Passion

    You may Love the company and your colleagues but if you hate to do same routine work, its time to leave

    6. No Room for Advancement / Improving your Skills

    Every Job Should be Challenging and enhance your Skills and improve as an Employee.

    7. When you’re left out of the Loop

    If you’re the last one to know about anything it could be time to leave.

    8. Health Concerns

    If your Job Affecting you health – Job Related stress may lead to Depression, Insomnia and may fell ill Frequently.

    9. Affecting your Personal Life

    Nothing is More important when compared to your family / Personal Life. So working for too many hours / Stretching you stress to home may destroy your life. So its better time to quit.

    10. When your Skills doesn’t fit

    The skills that you’ve been hired to use for this job aren’t a fit for what you’re good at or enjoy.


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